Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Think City a Hybrid?
 - No, the THINK City is 100% electric

How fast does an electric vehicle go?
 -  Highway capable speed of 70 mph

Is the Think City a safe vehicle on the road?
 - Yes, the Think City has been through all of the regular safety testing
  and carries all of the same safety equipment  as all other vehicles on the road in the US.

What makes electric vehicles work?
 - Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the THINK City is four-times more energy efficient than a conventional vehicle

How long does it take to charge the Think?
 - Takes 8-10 hours to fully charge the battery using a 220-volt EV charging station. 100 mile range on a full charge.

Where do I get a charging station?
 - IPL & Duke Energy customers can have an EV charging station installed in their homes. Qualifying customers will be eligible to receive an EV charging station for free or at a significant discount.

What else makes the Think City a green car?
 - Body panels and exterior trim components are made of 100 percent recyclable parts.
EPA and CARB certified.

What are the benefits
  of driving a 100% electric vehicle?
 - It is cleaner, with zero emissions and a zero C02 foot print. It has a much lower cost of ownership, as low as 2 cents per mile. Plus it is fun to drive!

Where is the Think City built?
 - Originally manufactured in Norway, the US is now manufacturing the Think City in Elkhart, IN.

Where else has the Think City been sold and driven?
 - More than 2,500 cars are on the road in Europe with more than 35 million miles of real-world on road customer driving experience.

Where can I get more information about buying my own Think City?
 - Rick Steiner - THINK Regional Sales Manager
   Phone - 317-688-6550