How will I CHARGE my Think?



Charging your THINK City is just as easy as charging your mobile phone. Plug it in a conventional socket, charge over night, and wake up to a fully charged car the next morning.

Where can I charge?

You can plug in to a conventional 10A or 16A socket, 230V. Plugging into a 16A socket will enable faster charging.

How far can I drive on one charge?
You can drive up to 160km on a fully charged car.

How long does it take to charge the THINK City?
THINK City with Lithium battery; 0-100% 8 hours
THINK City with Zebra battery; 0-80% 7 hours, 80-100% 4 hours


In-home charging stations are also available for installation in IPL and

Duke Energy districts. For more Information go to Project Plug-In