Zero Emissions and Other EV Benefits

Zero emission

Electrical vehicles emit no tailpipe emissions while driving. We are not counting grams. We simply have no tailpipe at all, and no local CO2, nitrous oxide, or particle emissions. Driving electrical vehicles will even reduce noise pollution. It is both clean and silent.

Reducing global emissions

Reducing overall CO2 emissions is a key global objective. Well-to-wheel analysis reveals that electrical engines, due to their winning energy efficiency, are significantly cleaner than any other personal transport alternative today, regardless of where your power comes from.

Energy efficiency

When comparing the electrical engine with a traditional combustion engine, the difference in energy use efficiency is striking; whilst an electrical engine uses 85-90% of energy to run the car, the combustion engine utilizes only 20-25%. Most of the energy provided from petrol, diesel or even bio fuels disappears as heat.

Holistic engineering

Our vehicles are designed for the environment. THINK City has a clean choice of materials, with recyclable exterior and interior materials made possible through the use of ABS and PP. Bodywork and plastic panels are unpainted, reducing both pollutants and energy consumption.

Sustainable future

The market for green energy is increasing, and governments across the world are improving the regulatory framework for expanding renewable energy production. In many countries, you can already buy guaranteed pure, renewable energy. Purchasing green energy truly reduces the electric vehicle emissions to zero.